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Yahoo mail login not working? How you can get your account back!!

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If you are having trouble with login and want to know how to get your yahoo account back, then read our step by step tutorial here to unlock your account.

There have been several reports in which yahoo mail services users complain about facing problems concerning log in on to their accounts. Fear not, in this post I shall take you through simple fixes which I have successfully used to solve the same problem, but first, let me take you through how you can log in to yahoo.

How sign in on to yahoo?

Yahoo is a popular web service provider, known for attracting more than 100 million users to date. Services on offer like the one terabyte cloud service for uploading your staff gives you an idea of why it has such a large following. In addition to this, it comes with some informative services like a newsfeed and other interactive features. One of its loved features is an ability to enable you to manage your mail services such as Outlook and Gmail by just opening up a yahoo account; that’s super cool, right?. 

You can follow these simple steps in their right sequence to sign in on to the platform:

Step 1: Go to yahoo webpage by merely searching for yahoo homepage.

Step 2: Click the sign-in option on the top right corner of the page.

Step 3: Enter the email address of yahoo then click next.

Step 4: On the new page, type in your password and click next.

Then you are done, simple, right? If you still can’t sign in to yahoo mail, then proceed down.

Problems associated with login in onto yahoo mail

These are collectively known as yahoo sign-in problems. Some of the common issues are as shown below:

  • Can’t log into yahoo mail.
  • Yahoo login mail isn’t working.
  • Unable to log in on the iPhone.
  • Unable to remember the correct password.
  • Username is incorrect.
  • Yahoo mail account is locked.
  • Yahoo account is not opening.

How to solve yahoo sign-in problems

Fix 1: on incorrect username or password

It happens to everyone at some point that they forget their login details. In such a situation, I recommend that you reset your password and or username by simply following instructions in the yahoo sign-in helper. Yahoo sign-in helper uses recovery information you input to send your recovery link, allowing you to set up a new password and username. 

You must also pay particular attention that caps lock is not active on your keyboard for those using a computer for login in. Otherwise, if you do not, there is always a possibility that you input some caps locked characters different from the originals.

Fix 2: locked account

Let’s say you input your username and or password, and then you get a message informing you that either one or both are wrong. Despite the warning, you keep on trying until your account gets locked! Now to fix this, you can either notify the system that you have forgotten your details by clicking a “forgot password/username” button.

You will be able to set up a new username or password, which is again made possible by the recovery information you input earlier. Otherwise, you may choose to wait for a whopping 12hours for your account to be unlocked.

Fix 3: hacked or compromised account.

When someone gains access to your account without your permission and changes your password, hijacking your account, you will feel all sorts of emotions. The hackers will invade your privacy and might even use your account for vile means. You will need to use the yahoo sign-in helper to reclaim your account, again using recovery information, which you alone knows about. Soon as you recover your account, make sure to change your password. 

Fix 4: maual login

You have noticed that your browser will ask you if you want yahoo mail to remember your password and or username next time you are login in. This feature allows you to automatically log in, enabling you to bypass inputting your credentials next time you are login in. However, when your browser history, cache, or cookies get deleted, then yahoo will not recall your credentials so that you will have to input them to eliminate sign-in problems manually.

Fix 5: checking the internet connection

Sometimes your login process can get interrupted by bad internet connection. You should check the available network’s strength by observing the number of bars on the network icon. If you are using the ethernet cable, then make sure the internet header connections are adequately plugged on to the motherboard. If you are using wifi internet, check that your router is plugged on to the power utility. Additionally, have you noticed how opening many pages on your device slows down when you open several tabs at once?.

The same applies when you try to access your yahoo mail account while carrying out different tasks on different pages at once. This is due to reduced internet connection speed. You better close some of those tabs if you want to access your yahoo mail account then. If the problem persists after closing some of the tabs, you might want to switch off wifi or disconnect ethernet, wait for 5 seconds, and then switch back on.

Fix 6: Using the right browser

Having problems login on to yahoo mail may be due to the type of browser you are using. Not all browsers are supported by yahoo, so you have to try other browsers. The same is true concerning the version of the browser you are using. You should keep it up-to-date to avoid similar issues.

Fix 7: waiting for a server to be operational

At times the server may be busy, so you will be finding it difficult to log in. In such a case, I encourage you to wait until the server becomes operational patiently. This can be a matter of minutes or hours in the worst scenario.

Fix 8: clearing history, cache, and cookies

Browser history, cache, and cookies tend to slow down the loading process after you input credentials. This often leads to a time out process in which your login will be with problems requiring several usernames or password input attempts. To solve this, you have to clear your browsing history, cookies and cache so that RAM will be freed.

Fix 9: use two-step verification

Opting for this will make your account’s security system robust and effective. This will significantly reduce the chances of any form of hacking. Two-step verification also gives you more options to prove your authenticity in case you forget some of the recovery information you input. In short, there will be a higher chance for you to recover your account.

Fix 10: keeping recovery information up- to -date

Scientific studies show that the human brain remembers recent events better. Thus keeping your recovery information up-to-date will enable you to fast recover your account after forgetting your credentials. 

Fix 11: update credentials using autofill settings of the browser.

If you had saved your credentials on your browser and later changed them, the system will only re-recognized ones you saved; thus, you will not be able to log in into yahoo mail. As a solution, use your browser’s autofill settings to allow for the updating of your credentials.

Fix 12: To access your account from a new location.

When you try accessing your account from a different location or device, you will likely hit a brick wall. To solve this, you will need to enter an account key that will be sent to your email or phone number to verify authenticity.

Fix 13: Closing other tasks

For those using computers to access their emails, I strongly suggest limiting the number of tasks being run at a time by using your task manager. This is crucial after all your machine only has a certain level of processes it can run. In short, too many programs running at once is a good recipe for creating yahoo sign-in problems. In case your device froze in the process, you have to switch it off and wait for at least 5seconds before turning it on and retrying login on to your mail.

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To Wrap Up

Knowing in advance the exact cause of the yahoo sign-in problems will significantly save you time by pinpointing the right fix. Let me also recommend you jot down the username and password for quick referencing. It is also important to choose essential information to be used to recover your account. This will make account recovery easier. 

Concerning having the right browser, I recommend internet explorer and google chrome browsers. These two, coupled with the fact they are regularly updated, will cancel out effects of browser triggering yahoo sign-in problems. 

Research shows that most hacked emails occur when you share your credentials on some web platforms or forget to log out of your yahoo email on a public computer like those from an internet cafe. Avoid uploading your credentials online and take some time to log out from the yahoo mail patiently.