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What is wikibuy? is it safe

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here you will know, what is wikibuy ? and how can you use it to get a discount? WikiBuy is an online shop assistant that integrates as a browser add-on (Chrome only). In short, Wikibuy is an online assistant that pops up and finds a lower price of a product when you are viewing the product on another site like, for example,

Compelling reasons to use it

Wikibuy has some distinctive features that we have shown here; Wikibuy automatically makes an online search for any product you are currently viewing and finds a better price. It also works on shipping costs based on the location you have provided.

Also, wikibuy arranges an online search for available coupons that can be added to your searches and provides an activation link.

What is wikibuy and alll about it

WikiBuy does not share the user’s (you) credit card number with the store and corresponds shipping details for you. Wikibuy earns a small revenue whenever you make a purchase through Wwikibuy, which means it does not cost any extra charge from the users.

Also, in Amazon, there will be several sellers that offer the same product at different prices. Added to that when you think you’ve found a better price on a particular product, there might be a coupon code you will use to get an even better price.

However, if you want to find the right coupon code, it often requires an extensive search which takes up even more of your time.

This is where Wikibuy can help you. Once you’ve installed the browser extension, the software automatically compares prices as you shop online.

Let’s say you have put a product in your Walmart or Amazon cart. As you continue to shop, Wikibuy will automatically search the internet in search of a better price for that particular item. It will also search for coupon codes that might apply to your purchase.

Pro and Cons of using wikibuy ..

Benefits of using wikibuy

Easy to use
Wikibuy is easy to handle and user-friendly shop assistant. The interface is simple, very easy to use, hassle-free, not complex at all, easy to understand.

Can save you a lot of time and money
WikiBuy is an online search assistant that will automatically run a searching process for the product you are viewing over many online stores and provide you the link with the best offer, while also working over the delivery charge and costs. They will also work on the best coupon discount available.

positive reviews on the Google store
Google store shows positive reviews for Wikibuy. Buyers are seemingly happy with the overall performance of Wikibuy since they look out for good software that will compare the price of the products they look for and it saves their time and energy.

Integrated Buyer’s Protection
Buyer’s rights are reserved in Wikibuy. You’ll have to share your credit card number with WikiBuy, but that’s where it stops. All payment transactions are actually handled by WikiBuy (similar to PayPal ). WikiBuy does not only handle the transactions but also will handle all delivery tracking and dispute problems.

Does not show disturbing Ads
Since you are a user and you look for trustworthy software. You will face unwanted advertisements with other comparison software but with wikibuy it does not happen. WikiBuy charges the store for its service, it does need to display Ads on your screen in order to earn money.

It’s 100% free to sign up for and use :
This online shop assistant is totally free. Wikibuy charges fee from the shops, it does not charge anything extra from users.

The service genuinely saves you time and money :
It is simple to use, free and saves money and time of the user.

Drawbacks of using wikibuy

Difficult installation:
Wikibuy is easy to use and simple but the installation may not always be hassle-free and easy. Some users have complained that they suffered from problems and delays while installing wikibuy software on their computers. Though deleting and reinstalling the software solved the issue.

Price comparison problems
WikiBuy shop assistant is doing a good job of comparing prices and in terms of product specifications, but no software is absolutely perfect. Wikibuy is not always factoring temporary discounts on and it has been found several time You should check for yourself if you were linked to the exact same product and if you are receiving discounts.

Shipping/Availability may be delayed

What happens in offline stores or malls is that if you look for a product that is currently unavailable in the store, you ask the shop representative or salesman for the product. They tell you that the product is unavailable or out of stock and they ask you to wait for the product to arrive in the store. WikiBuy works as the middle person between you and the store, you will face some delay of communication when the item you ordered is not immediately available.

The store may have the item written as available on the website, but it might be out of stock in your area and has to be shipped from a warehouse abroad or far from your place. This can delay your order by a day or two, or maybe even a week. — Reduced, but not eliminated risk on eBay purchases

WikiBuy appears to only show Ebay sellers with a lot of sales and a good reputation, but likely Ebay purchase problems are largely the same. If you encounter any issues, you’ll have to sort them out with WikiBuy and not Ebay, which could add communication lag to the whole process. On the plus side, it’s also easier to get your money back if you have to!

is wikibuy safe?

Wikibuy is a legitimate and useful online shop assistant. Online price comparison websites is not a new idea but this is the first time to automate the whole process and make it into a browser extension.

Wikibuy is backed by Capital One Bank, which deals with security very seriously. It’s important to remember, that Wikibuy is simply a browser extension (and, for the most part, Google Chrome is safe to use because it’s backed by Google).

In case you need customer support, Wikibuy’s self-service support platform is there to you help you get it. If you cannot find answers you need on the self-help portal, you can submit a request to customer support, and someone will help you.


Wikibuy offers several exclusive features designed to make your online shopping experience easier, smoother.

  1. Alert of price drops
    If you want to buy a certain product —but don’t need it right away—you can set Wikibuy to send an alert to you when the price of that item drops.
  2. Special discounts
    Wikibuy arranges special discounts on products you can purchase right from their website.
    Their dashboard shows discounts available for products like VPN service, Myprotein, Clarks shoes, among other things. Who doesn’t want to save a little extra cash, right?
  3. Cashback
    Like similar services from MyPoints or InboxDollars, Wikibuy also offers you the cashback from top retailers. For instance, you can receive 1% back on purchases made at, 2% from, 9% on purchases at JCPenney, or 4% from Groupon.
    Added to this, they also have a “Local Offers” section, where you can get 4% or more cashback from local retailers and restaurants. You’ll find these deals offers just under the “Featured Offers” on Wikibuy’s homepage.
  4. Coupon codes of wikibuy

Wikibuy takes the hardship and hassles out of tracking down coupon codes by automatically searching for them while you shop. While they search for product price comparison they will automatically make a list of coupon codes. Added to that, if another Wikibuy user finds and uses a new code, that code is then automatically made available to the rest of the software’s nearly 4.5 million subscribers.
If we say in one sentence, you don’t have to open a new browser tab to find the best code. It’s done for you, automatically.

  1. Product search:
    You can easily get the product price list and comparison table easily while sitting at home working on your desktop.
    To illustrate, imagine you’re willing to buy a drink. So you run a quick search. In this example, you can see that Wikibuy has located a better price on eBay by a margin of almost $10. Not bad, right?
    Wikibuy isn’t just a media that helps you get better deals online, either.
    For example, if you’re already inside your favorite retail store, you can use the Wikibuy app to scan the barcode of the item you’re interested in. The app will then automatically search for competitive prices at other top retailers. Looking for the next-level product price comparison—this is the way you get it.
  2. Wikibuy Credits
    As a Wikibuy user, you’ll by default accumulate “Wikibuy Credits” as you shop online at your favorite retailers. Once you’ve got enough credit in the bank, you can then use those rewards to buy various items. You can also buy gift cards.