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What is Bytefence? Shocking truth revealed

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Bytefence Delima: malware or anti-malware?

Some users may argue that bytefence is not anti-malware, because It’s not ok when it comes to other programs bundled or when a user is tricked to download without their concern.  Even If bytefence is a product of a legitimate anti-malware company and they have customers all over the world. And It works as any other antimalware is supposed to do.

And others may argue, whatever way Bytefence is downloaded, knowing or unknowing,  it helps remove malware. So it’s anti-malware.

Some may argue it’s anti-malware, only When users download from their site. And knows what he’s up to accomplish with it.   

Then you may ask what is Bytefence ..

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What Is the Bytefence is

Bytefence is a product of legitimate company name bytefence. They offer both paid and unpaid versions. This anti-malware is installed mostly on windows pc but some time macs too. Android is also where byteforce is found..

You already know byteforce is not a real virus .its anti-malware. Even Though it’s legit anti-malware, many have complained about its sneaky distribution policy.  So end-users complain a lot and report it as a virus in many antivirus forums or the internet.

How Does This anti Malware Work?

When installed bytefence scans for malware and crapware. When it finds any, a popup window will warn you how many risks are there in your device.

Unless you are paid, that warning is the only thing you are getting. Where paid version of bytefence, will remove virus from your computer in addition to warning.

Few basic:

malware vs. virus vs. anti-malware

Malware is another name of Malicious software.  This software is harmful to our computers. To name some of the common malware are the virus, worm, trojan, spyware, etc. 

ALL VIRUS are malware, but not all malware is a virus. When virus installed on your computer; it causes lots of harm to the operating system and computer files, not only that it can clone and transfer from one pc to another.

In the case of antivirus, it removes the virus. but antimalware doesn’t just remove viruses; it removes all kinds of malicious software.  

Signs of an already installed bytefence:

We may know nothing until you see a popup window with malware detection notice.

You may see pop up ads for Bytefence Pro this type of anti-malware.

  • Sometime you may see change your browser settings
  • If you see the above signs,  you should look for system files like Bytefence-installer.exe file in the system folder if you find that then it’s sure that it’s already been installed on your device without you anything and you get anti-malware Bytefence.

How bytefence entered your system in the first place?

It’s an unwanted program, called an unwanted program (PUP). But it’s not a virus or harmful for your computer. It comes with other useful programs. But generally, most of the PUP is malicious for your device for your privacy. For instance, adware, unwanted browser toolbar, trojan, and so on harmful malware may come across your device as PUP. That’s why end-users confuse Bytefence with other malware or harmful programs.

Betafence enters your system without your knowledge most probably when you download software from sites like freeware or peer to peer networks. Byteforce bundled up with your downloaded software. when you download

How to remove Bytefence?

bytefence uninstall removal video guide is given below.

  1. The easiest way to remove PUP is to use software like IObit Uninstaller. That Completely Uninstall Unwanted Softwares. Windows Apps & Browser Plug-ins on your computer. IObit-Uninstaller will find Bytefence and remove Bytefence.  It doesn’t take so much time either.
  1. Using nothing, as byteforce is a standard antivirus, not a virus, you can uninstall it like any other software in your device.
  • For a computer with windows operating system, you can visit the windows control panel and go to the add remove the program and find that program and uninstall it.
  • If you are using Mac, then visit your application folder to find Bytefence and drag the file to recycle to delete.
  • But if you are an android, you can go to the google play store or the androids app setting to uninstall Bytefence

 Precaution: avoid getting Bytefence or other  PUP in first place

There are a few key ways in which you can lower your chances of downloading a PUP like Bytefence again.

  • download software from legitimate sites even if you are getting any software for free from other non-legitimate sites .  Be Careful of sites like freeware or peer to peer network. As you already know, bite force or other malware or adware can be bundled with other software and without revealing that in a non-legitimate sites  
  • A good antivirus software will be the best defense when protecting your computer from viruses and unwanted programs to install in your device. So it’s better off with a good antivirus in your device . not just install antivirus software, try to update that regularly. As the antivirus database is updating regularly. when you update the software, your antivirus will be able to notify you when you are downloading Bytefence or other unwanted programs on your computer.
  • Turn on the option to detect PUP in your antivirus software settings, that will prevent unwanted programs to be installed itself.