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What Happened to VIOOZ ? Top 10 VIOOZ Alternatives

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Below you can find list of websites which are viooz alternatives. if you are movie lover you may hard or used this streaming site. but if not then lets know about viooz first and what happens to this site first.

viooz alternatives

what happened to viooz

Viooz is one of the free hd movie and tv streaming sites established in 2019. It was popular among the user for its free signup . but now a days its not user freindly for its too many ads and low speed. Users need to clear or refresh the browser.

Top 10 viooz alternatives

  1. Fixgo
  2. Streamlikers
  3. 123 movies
  4. Primewire
  5. Megashare
  6. movie 25
  7. movie4k
  8. Fmovies
  9. Khaanflix
  10. SolarMovie

1 Fixgo 

is one of the popular alternatives of viooz movie streaming site.You can find lots of movies and tv shows here in Hd quality and some are 4k too. And you don’t need to sign up or pay for a subscription.  and you can see movies in different categories like comedy, horror, thriller action and so on. furthermore ,You also can filter movies using IMDB rating, each and every movie or show has proper details like description, rating, screenshots.

Only one drawback , like many other free movie streaming sites ,  this site is not adfree. Which may cause unpleasant or not smooth experiences to many users.. 

2 Streamlikers

You can access this site free and see  lots of high definition movies and tv shows.This movie streaming site is Easy to navigate .   You can search for movies easily from the home page. 

Movies are categorized in 4 categories . you can Filter their files by most views movies and genres and tv shows.Each of the movie or tv shows has good description, IMDb rating, Director, runtime and screenshots


Movie quality is not always high quality guaranteed This site  is Free to use but Not ad free.

3 123Movies

one of the popular movie streaming sites which is viooz alternatives. It has many TV series too .  you will find newly released and old movies there to enjoy free. It’s popular among usa  and other places for its huge hollywood movie collections. It’s the most searched site among other similar sites or popular among a lot of us people. 

This site was established in 2014 and shut down for 52 times and is still alive.

You can access this site using vpn  by going visiting,,, .. most popular and old domain of 123movies are and

4 Primewire

one of the popular website which is alternative of viooz. it has many hd movies and TV shows to see free from your computer. And Movies are easily accessible as they are categorized in gener, release and country. You can search your favorite movie using the search box too. and this search result is easy to read , as you can know imdb rating, description, whether its hd. But this site is not ad free and which is a deal breaker for many of us.


Megashare is another movies and TV shows streaming sites like Vioozfo. it’s free to download or watch thousands of movies online.

You will be able to choose your desired movie easily. Files are categorized in different categories like country, year, gender and actors and so on. It’s  easy to use the user interface , making your movie browsing smooth. 

 6 . Movie25

Movie25 is another movie or tv show streaming site you can look into. it has has huge collection of hd movies. And These movies are easy to browse as this site has a easy to use interface. You will find movies are divided into different category.  You can choose movies from action, romance, comedy or thriller.

There is a special category ,  Top imdb , which is useful for users to know what are the best movies  in the eyes of imdb. And many users trust imdb site rating more than that of random websites or people.

7. movie4k

This movie4k site is Popular for its huge collection of movies from  box office. you can see lots of TV series too there. You can stream or download movies for free from your home and don’t need to purchase or see from the cinema hall.

not only that, you will love there easy to use interface. for instance you can select your favorite show by using genres like comedy action, romantic adventure or thriller. You will also like high streaming speed so no buggering or interruption when see ur movies 

8 Fmovies

this site was established in 2016 . You can download or stream Top rated and newly released video from this site .  This site hosts links and embed videos which are free to use. not just movies , you will be able to download popular tv series here. . this website is one of the popular sites among the movie sites . 

Right now there are 2 to 4 different FMovies websites running.In January 2018, the site was identified as a Notorious Market by the U.S. government, along with The Pirate Bay and other piracy sites. Not only in the USA , Australia, India and some European countries listed it illegal .

-Source wikipedia, April 2020

That’s why you may not be able to access some of the websites of movies.

9  Khaanflix 

Khaanflix is another  poppular viooz alternative  to stream HD movies online free. No ad to bother when you are seeing movies from this site.

You can choose your movie using year, gener ,country  easily . They have a special section for animated movies and tv series . not only that     you can also see the trailer, rating, summary and so on before seeing movies here.

You also can search movies using search box. You will love their easy to use interface.  The result you get by searching movie or tv series name … will give you list of movies and tv shows with imdb rating movie title and how long the movie is . how many people saw that movie. So it wil be easy to choose a movie.

10 SolarMovie

Solarmovie is one of the user friendly and secure website like viooz. This site is  also free to stream movie or tv shows . It has a huge monthly user , around 3.1Milllion, and it is growing day by day.

You will be happy to find a huge hd collection of old and newly released movie collections.  Like other movie sites, its movies are categorized in gener, year, country and so on. You definitely can try this site for your entertainment needs.

final word about viooz alternatives

you cant be wrong if you choose any of the websites mentioned here.