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Textsheet alternatives : Top 7 Websites like textsheet !!

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Before talking about Textsheet alternatives or websites like textsheet , lets know few things about this site.

Textsheet alternatives : Top 7 Websites like textsheet !!

Textsheet was a popular educational platform for many college or school students. As students could take help for their homework or assignments from this website free..
Why is it down?
Textsheet used to provide a solution for the students which was not their own. They were using or stealing results from another site. They were using Chegg API to get result from chegg website without their permission.
If you are reading this article then you already know or used this site.
And you are looking for a free alternative like textsheet but works legit way.
Below you can find out Top 7 websites like Textsheet

Top 7 websites like textsheet :

Most of the websites are free but Some of this website are paid ,. below you find the list..

  1. Course hero
  2. chegg
  3. Paper help
  4. Crazyforstudy
  5. Slader
  6. spark Notes
  7. Studtlib

1 Course hero

If you are a College student. Then you can write your college paper easily using this site and save lots of time. Its possible because ..documents, files, research papers, answer sheets, solutions, etc are properly organized. And they have more than 25 million courses . you can get answers just by searching your question. You can filter your answer or question by your school name, subject name and so on.

24/7 customer support : You can prepare yourself for the test by yourself or with the help of tutors here. you can get help for your homework anytime but Th’s site is not absolutely free . you need to have a price plan to get the answers.
You can upload your ten documents in this site to get five free unlock or 3 tutor questions of course. If you don’t have a document to share then you can choose a price plan for quick access and it starts from 9.9$ for a month..

If you are a teacher, then you will get huge( around 30 million) teaching resources from this site and discover innovative ways to teach your class.


2 Chegg

Chegg is one of the popular alternatives to Textsheet . This website provides similar experiences to its users like Textsheet users.
Many documents and files are similar to Textsheet site
Moreover you can contact an expert, if something is missing in a research paper or answer sheets.
You can find related documents easily to your subject .. because of its easy user friendly interface.
But its not free . its paid service because of its has premium features.

website :

3 PaperHelp

This site is another great alternative to the textsheet. This site has lots of resarch papers , If you need to study or write a reashpaper for your school college or university then you can use this site . this site is easy to use and you will find lots of related research papers here. User friendly interface will make your life easy.

You can also buy a research paper from here. and no one will know about it. Its because all information is highly confidential. School or college or university students can save lots of their time.

4 CrazyForStudy

Another popular alternative of textsheet among students in college or school. This site has lots of class assignments and homeworks to choose from. This site has 50 million textbook solutions for students.
school and college students can get help for your school assignments easily without spending lots of time searching or browsing. You will also find lots popular questions around your subject that make your homework or life easy.
You can join online classes from your home but its not free. If you have a paid subscription then you will be able learn lots of new subjects easily from your home computer. You will be able to see those classes from your device with internet connection.


5 Slader

another websites like textsheet is Slader .This site is best for us students as this sites study materials are available on slider based on our syllabus. Class assignment and homework you can get help for your Class assignment and homework free of charge. That’s why its popular among usa students not just school students , college students and university students also can use this sites easy interface to find their praffered subject of interest easily.
Beside this slader website is not only easy to navigate, its looks modern and robust too. Students choose this site over other because its rich materials, easy navigations and free of cost service.
Unfortunately, even if it’s a free site , it uses ads for their revenue creation. which reduces the better user experience.
But you can overcome this ad problem buy paying them subscription fee or using an adblocker in your browser or device.


6. SparkNotes

Another alternative to Textsheet is Sparknotes.
You will get lots of sample tests, essay help, .That can make your life easy by saving lots of your time.
This site is not just free but also has No ads. Make your experience great by using an easy to use interface. You can use their App from the device and access from anywhere.


7. Studtlib

It is another textbook alternatives. Students can learn courses easily or do their homework easily with the help of Studtlib website.
You can get answers here by searching your questions using a search box. Not only that,You can filter the answers by school name, subject name and other options
Best part is You can use this course hero free of cost. You can upload your class assignments here and share with others too.