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Best Premium and Free IPTV Services Review

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Are you looking for a way to watch quality live TV on your smart device? Perhaps you are willing to pay monthly subscriptions for the service and need to know your options before paying. Or maybe paying premiums is straining your budget, and you want to check out the free options. Whatever your case may be, this article is designed to give you the best premium and free IPTV services around. This will help you to cut hefty cable costs while enjoying exceptional live TV.

Best Premium and Free IPTV Services Review

In this age, where almost everyone owns smart devices, many are eager to watch live TV on those gadgets. If you are one of the curious people, you are definitely on the right page. Read on to find the best free or premium IPTV services on the market. Hopefully, you will find one tailor-made to suit your needs!

What is IPTV?

IPTV is an acronym for Internet Protocol Television. It merely gives you television channels and content through internet protocol networks. Most smart devices like smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and TV boxes support IPTV. It is best to use an android smart device. Any other device may need a paid app to run IPTV, and this may be costly.

To use it, you only need a media player on your smart device and internet connection. Using IPTV will give you access to thousands of channels and videos anytime, daily. 

How to pick the best IPTV service provider for you.

There are several great IPTV serve providers on the market. Unfortunately, not every package suits your needs. Here are a few things you ought to look at.

  • How good its streaming quality is. 
  • Whether the channels offered are what you need. For instance, it would not make sense for a sports fan to pick a service provider offering limited sports channels.
  • Also, check the price and payment options. 
  • Choose a service that is reliable in the region you stay in. 

With these pointers in mind, take a look at the best free and premium IPTV services around.

Best Free IPTV services

You may be wondering whether you can watch great channels and trending videos without the burden of a monthly premium. The good news is yes, you can and with ease! Read on to learn more about free IPTV services, and you can say goodbye to paying premiums.

Ola TV

If you are looking for a free IPTV service that covers a wide range of regions, this is maybe your pick. Ola TV covers many areas that include the USA, India, and Pakistan, just to mention a few. It has reduced ads, so it is not so annoying to use. To use Ola TV, you need an android device. If you have windows or macOS device, you need an android emulator. 


  • It covers many regions
  • They try to keep up and keep channels online.


  • Ola TV can only be used on an android device or with an android emulator.
  • It has no EPG, catch-up, or time-shift.

Live Net TV

For an avid sports fan, this free IPTV service is worth considering. Live Net TV provides a whole lot of sports channels and more. It can be installed on any android device. Whether you own a smartphone, Tablet or firestick device, Live Net TV can operate in any of them with no hiccups.


  • Live Net TV has mirrors for every channel.
  • When a channel is not working, you can report it and expect it to be promptly fixed.
  • It allows you to make channel requests.
  • You will have no trouble working it with the remote control.


  • It can only be installed on android devices.
  • Live Net TV has no EPG, catch-up, or time-shift.

Mobdro TV

Mobdro TV streams live video with ease. The best part is it does this for free without any accounting requirement! This android application searches for free available video streams on the web. It then allows you to access these videos on your android device. With Mobdro, you can stream movies, music, games, and a whole lot more. Just connect through an encrypted VPN to ensure that you can access all channels. Internet service providers and government services may block some.


  • Mobdro TV lets you watch a wide range of live videos from more than 30 countries.
  • Over 1000 available channels are giving you much-needed variety.
  • You can discover, share, bookmark, or capture live tv channels effortlessly.
  • This application does not need the internet.
  • Streams are of exceptional quality.
  • It is well designed, making it easy to navigate.


  • Only Android devices can support this application.
  • Some streams need a premium to access.
  • Mobdro does not have its content. It just streams a live feed from the web.
  • It streams content that may be illegal in some areas.

AT & T Watch TV

This IPTV service comes free with AT & T customers. At & t WATCH TV can be accessed on many platforms and is the right choice if you need a simple setup. It is user friendly, and it has a couple of great channels.


  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • AT & T Watch comes free with AT & T some wireless plans.


  • It has a few channels to choose from.
  • AT & T Watch lacks sport and other channels you may like.
  • This service needs a subscription if you are not an AT & T user.

RedBox TV

This is one of the best free IPTV service providers around. It gives access to 1000+ channels with the great video quality. Using this application can watch sports, educational channels, kids channels, news, and many more. This application is relatively small and can be used on firestick. It is also great for iOS.


  • It fits easily on a fire stick and or Android set-top box.
  • No subscription is needed.
  • It is user friendly.


  • It needs to be uploaded manually.
  • Some channels are unavailable.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free IPTV service provider that shows more than 250 channels. It is VPN friendly and works with IPVanish. This is one of the best free IPTV services as it screens many popular videos and movies.


  • It screens over 1000 on-demand movies and videos.
  • It shows high-quality videos.


  • It does not screen some adult channels.
  • It has many ads that you may find annoying.

Other free IPTV services include Redbox, HD Streams, TVTap, Swift Streams, and FreeFlix HQ.

Premium IPTV services

While it may be great to watch free TV, you’re usually forced to compromise quality to enjoy this luxury, if you prioritize quality, a premium IPTV option may be best for you. Premium IPTV services ensure reliability and stability. 

Sling TV

Sling TV is a great IPTV service provider. It was the first IPTV service provider and had been providing a reliable service since 2015. It offers many channels at a price much lower than most other service providers.


  • You may create your personalized package by putting your favorite channels together.
  • There is no mandatory fixed contract. This allows you to pay monthly and cancel whenever you want to without incurring any costs.
  • It gives a high-quality live fee.
  • It can be used on almost any android smart device.


  • You need a local television antenna to use it.
  • If you are not careful about how many channels you put in your personalized package, it can get expensive.

Expedite TV IPTV

Expedite TV is an excellent option if you are looking for great content over various channels. This IPTV service gives you access to over 800 channels. 


  • Gives high HD quality live feed.
  • It shows movies, news, sports and more.
  • Expedite TV gives you the option of either paying monthly or paying quarterly. 
  • It is supported by android, firestick, and iOS.


  • It has no search feature. You have to scroll down to get what you want, and this may be tiresome.
  • It can get very costly.

The Players Klub IPTV

For reliability and affordability in one basket, consider the Players Klub IPTV. It provides access to over 3000 channels and movies from many countries worldwide. It is trendy among users since it gives variety and is also user friendly.


  • It is a high-speed streaming service.
  • It gives high-quality HD of up to 1080p.
  • Players Klub is relatively easy to use.


  • At times the payment portal may be down, making renewals and payments difficult.
  • At times streaming is only at 720p.


Netflix is a very well-known IPTV service provider used by many worldwide. It streams trending movies and shows. And it also gives access to older videos. The good aspect of it is that it can be used on almost any device, including smartphones, computers, or tablets. Netflix is known for its high-quality videos, reliability, and budget-friendliness.


  • It gives a wide variety of content.
  • Netflix is an affordable IPTV option.
  • It is well known so you can trust its services.


  • It takes time for new series and movies to be released.
  • Despite its wide variety of channels, it lacks some favorites.

In Conclusion

As you probably noted, the pool to choose from is huge. It is wise to bear that your budget constraints and pick a service that works for you. With IPTV paying exorbitant cable prices will be a thing of the past. Pick a package that suits you, and you are all set for life!