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is mp3juice site safe : 10 mp3 juice site alternative

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Mp3juice is one of the top attractive platforms to search for Mp3 songs among users. Visitors’ number is also quite high, and it can be more than one million. below, But, You should know why you should use it carefully and gave some alternative to this site.

What Mp3Juice is offering?

1 MP3 Search Engine

  • Only by entering keywords, here you can easily search for any music you want by. Among all MP3 playing and downloading websites, MP3 Juice is widely known for its powerful, fast MP3 search engine. 
  • Besides, the URL search for YouTube videos is supported on the MP3 Juice official Only by. Download by pasting the URL. With MP3Juice, you can get high-quality free music anytime.

2 mp3juice download

For music lovers worldwide, MP3Juice comes with many advantages. The biggest highlight of MP3 is that you can listen to it everywhere. That’s why the demand for MP3 download is robust.No connection you require. 

Juice MP3 download is available on MP3 Juice cc. That is, you can get a free MP3 download from a cloud of sites. MP3 Juices. It is free for you to get nice and ear soothing MP3 download also all kind of music.

3 Search bar – MP3 Juice Free Music Download 

Youtube playlist download is accessible by using MP3 Juice. Paste the URL of the YouTube playlist in the search box. and it will list all the songs of the album will be listed in the search results. You don’t have to paste the URLs one by one before downloading the YouTube playlist. You can directly get any music site that you want from MP3 Juice.

You have to paste the URL on the search box. MP3 Juice Downloader helps you to get free music download from Audiomack, YouTube, Mixcloud, SoundCloud, Jamendo, Bandcamp, Archive, and a mass of websites. The search result will come out very soon on the MP3 Juice music downloader.      

Is it safe to download from mp3.juice site?

Before using Mp3 Juice, you may have this question in mind that if it is safe to download this on your computer because some sites have viruses and also legal issues related to downloading matters. You may ask if it is legitimate and virus free. . But most of those sites like mp3juice site are not 100% safe or legal.

Users of MP3juices have mentioned that As far as their experiences concerned, they never had any issue with a virus, spam, or spyware entering their system through this site.

But to be safe, we recommend An anti-virus/spyware plugin so that your computer can be virus-free.

to avoid copyright issues or legal problem …check if those songs in youtube are copyright material.

and some users are facing a few trouble while downloading files and Mp3juice site shows pop-up and ads. 

Few Legal Music download websites List

Here are few legal and free music download websites given for your convenience.

  • Amazon. One of the major music sites worldwide has over 40000 tracks available for free. …
  • Google Play. …
  • …
  • Free Music Archive. …
  • Jamendo. …
  • SoundCloud. …
  • NoiseTrade. …
  • PureVolume.

10 sites like Mp3Juice are

There are many music sites all over the internet, but we have listed ten popular MP3 music downloads sites like Mp3Juice. you can check them out below.

1 Beemp3

While there are many music sites available online, BeeMP3 has been one of the most popular MP3 music downloads in recent years. It has the collection of millions of songs for users to download. There are varieties of music found on MP3Juice, every day you will find lots of music you can search here for any music you want. But there are more complexities and copyrights problems now than there was before. That is why they are removing the free tunes from the site. 

2 Mp3Skull

Similar to BeeMP3, mp3skull is also a designated site for free MP3 downloads. Extensive collection of songs offers you various options to get the latest English music, top English albums, top 100 songs, etc. Unlike Mp3Juices, mp3skull doesn’t have an excellent interface. You can find any music that you search on this site quickly. Before downloading you can check the detailed information of each song and read it, it is helpful to download the right song.

3 Myfreemp3

Myfreemp3 is a newer site, but you can also find and download music for free here. My Free MP3 is a new site with many accessible functions. There are ways to stop the unwanted ads; you can delete them. 

4 MP3Clan

MP3Clan is an MP3 player application that gives you all kinds of popular songs and Music videos on the interface. Besides, MP3Clan lets you search for songs based on the type of music, such as Rock, Dance, Jazz, Electro, Country, Blues, etc. To watch a video, you just click on a song or video. When you click, a new window appears. You need to close the windows one after another so that you can download the songs from MP3Clan.

5 Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music is more like a fantastic music sharing site, and the best part is that you will not see disrupting advertising on this site. You can play any song you want on the interface. When you browse the Internet and cannot remember any particular music to listen to or search for, you can play the given songs on the interface.

You can spend your weekends listening to good tunes on Jamendo. If you are a connoisseur of indie music and want to try new songs, Jamendo Music is a suitable choice for an MP3 music download site for you. It has an excellent clean and elegant interface that will bring you outstanding visual experience. When you listen to a preferred song you like, you can download MP3 music to your computer with just one click.

6 LoudTronix

When you visit this LoudTronix site, you will find that it is a suitable site for MP3 music. You can search and download specific songs and paste the URL of a YouTube video. Besides, it has a properly proper function of network interaction. You can share songs with your friends and followers on Facebook / Twitter.

7 Free Amazon songs

Amazon is the most popular and smart online shopping site in the world, where you can get everything you need. It provides multiple MP3 songs to download. The only problem is that you will not find many latest songs on this site. Some of the latest hits there you will find, but you will get lots of old songs to download.

Many types of music are distributed on the list on the left; you have lots of choices in Amazon. It allows you first to preview the song and then select the song if you want it on an MP3 player. If you like a song, you can try other music by clicking on its artist or album to get more similar music. Songs like indie, pop, rock, melody all kind of choices are available here. 

8 eMP3 Downloads

If you are looking for a very suitable site that offers both video clips and music, then eMP3 Downloads is the right choice for you. MP3 Downloads is both an MP3 download site and also a video clip sharing site. It has many fantastic YouTube Music Videos to select, paly and download on your pc.

It says that it has the most extensive collection of MP3 music and the powerful BOT (Crawler) to scan the entire Internet to find the cool MP3 songs you need. You can search for music by names of movie, artists, songs, album name. You can get the video clip and download it. There is no separate advertisement on the home page, but windows will pop up when you click the PLAY or DO.

9 Audiomack

The download feature of Audiomack is same as the mp3juice site download feature. Audiomack site provides users with music like Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic, Reggae, etc. The first thing that appears on Audiomack is all kinds of dynamic ads. Audiomack offers you soothing and joyful music.

Just by clicking on the album cover, you can preview the music. You will find a similarity with it and SoundCloud. You can easily share your liked songs with your friends on FB. You can create your playlist by adding songs you like.

10 mp3INT

mp3INT has an excellent interface, that lets you download MP3 music online fast. You can use this YouTube site as a helpful resource. So, after typing the song name or the artist’s names, you can get more related video clips from YouTube-like VEVO.

It does not show too much detailed information about the song you are looking for; you can only download it according to its image. Click the Download button, and you can quickly get the MP3 file copied to your computer.


Even if download feature is popular among many, but you should be more careful about the virus and copyright materials. As an alternative, you can use some legit download sites.