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How to make yahoo my homepage – on a web browser

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If you have a question like, how to make yahoo my homepage? you are on the right webpage.

Whatever browser you are using: google chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge,.. you can try below step by step tutorial to change your browser homepage. you can set Yahoo or any other website as your homepage.

ON WEB BROWSERS Yahoo! is an all in one web portal that provides everything any internet user would require. It is no wonder that Yahoo! homepage is rated as the 4th most visited website.

let’s start why and how to change your browser homepage.

Why you should make Yahoo! your homepage

Yahoo! web portal is one of the best sites as such yahoo home page has ranked as 4th most visited website in the world. Setting Yahoo! as your internet homepage means that every time you open the web, Yahoo! homepage will be the first thing you see. If you own a yahoo account and use Yahoo! regularly, it is best and more convenient than setting it as your homepage on your web browser.

Having Yahoo! as your homepage enables you to easily access the search engine, news headlines, local weather reports, trending topics, emails, and a lot more right on your website. Whenever you open your mobile device or computer web browser, you can get current information readily in their yahoo homepage. So you don’t have to look or search for that info. 

By just opening your web browser on your computer or mobile device, you will know everything that is happening in the world. There are many different web browsers available that you can use to set Yahoo! as your homepage. However, various web browsers depending on their default browser, require different procedures to change their default homepage to Yahoo! website. Down below, am going to look at different processes that apply to the different web browser you can use to set Yahoo! as your homepage.

Tutorial for a firefox users

  1. Open the Firefox web browser and click on the ‘Menu’ button.
  2. Select ‘Options.’ A new tab will open, click on the ‘Home’ option.
  3. Go onto the ‘Homepage and new windows’ option and select ‘Custom URLs.’
  4. On the text field ‘Paste a URL,’ enter the Yahoo! address.
  5. When you have entered the Yahoo! address, you can close the web browser.
  6. Yahoo! will be set as your homepage on Firefox when open the web browser.

guide for Google Chrome Desktop users

  1. First, open your Google Chrome website. On your Google Chrome homepage, click on the ‘Menu’ option, select and click on the ‘settings’ option.
  2. On settings, scroll down and click on ‘Appearance’ and select the ‘Show home button’ option.
  3. On the ‘Show home button’ option, click on ‘Enter the custom web address.’ Next, set the email address you want to open with when you click on the ‘Home’ button.
  4. Enter any Yahoo address you want to set as your homepage on Google Chrome.
  5. When you have entered the address, scroll down and select ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’ option.
  6. Click on the ‘Add a new page’ option.
  7. Re-enter the Yahoo! address that you want to see every time you open Google Chrome. You can either add one or as many Yahoo! pages as you want, as they can open in a separate tab. When you have entered the address/addresses, click on ‘Add.’
  8. After that, whenever you open Google Chrome, Yahoo! will be made your homepage automatically.

for Chrome android mobile users

above video for android cell phone users . you can change home page of chrome browser. above video gives you idea about how to change home page in chrome browser. here they made google their home page . its just and example . you can change your homepage to yahoo instead.

Guide for Microsoft Edge users

  1. First, open the Microsoft Edge web browser, click on the ‘Menu’ button, and click on ‘Settings.’
  2. A new windows page will appear, click on ‘Open Microsoft Edge with’ and select ‘A specific page or pages’ option.
  3. On the provided space bar, enter the Yahoo! address you want as your homepage on Microsoft Edge.
  4. To add more Yahoo! addresses, you can click on ‘Add a new page.’
  5. When you have entered the address or addresses, you can press enter, and Yahoo! will be automatically set as your homepage on Microsoft Edge.

Steps for Internet Explorer users

  1. First, open your Internet Explorer web browser. On your Internet Explorer homepage, click on the gear icon on the top-right corner and proceed to click on ‘Internet Options.’
  2. After clicking, a new window page will open with the ‘Home Page’ option under the ‘General’ section.
  3. On the given space bar, enter any Yahoo page address you want to set as your homepage. It can either be or or Click ‘OK’ when you have completed it. 
  4. After that, Yahoo! home page will be successfully set as your home page on Internet Explorer. Every time you open your Internet Explorer, the website will open the Yahoo home page with the same address you entered at the beginning.

Why Yahoo! stands as the best

  • It is an all in one web portal. It also loaded with information and content, and it has a popular search engine, email service, and many other services.
  • Yahoo! email service is by far one of the best most popular email platforms even onto this day. You will automatically give your very own yahoo email address the moment you sign up for a Yahoo account. Unlike other web portals, Yahoo! offers free email service. You can send emails, attach files, and share pictures with your co-workers, family, and friends.
  • It provides folders that you can use to organize your emails so that there are easily accessible. Yahoo email services also provide you with a hand calendar tool that you can program, and it will send you important event reminders.
  • It also provides you with a wide variety of news stories on your home page. If you want to access more breaking news in-depth, you can simply go to the actual news page.
  • Yahoo! is the comprehensive web portal for avid sports fans. It provides sports fans with all the essential sports news from many sports games like soccer, rugby, cricket, basketball, etc. On Yahoo Sports, you can find game highlights, player information, final game scores, and much other sport-related information. Moreover, you can also even participate in a fantasy league on this platform.
  • It is also a good site for business people. Yahoo! Finance readily provides you with unbiased, up to date financial information. On Yahoo! Finance, you can check what is going on in the stock market, read the news on personal and world economy. You can rely on this site to provide you with all the relevant stock exchange information to make your own investment decisions.
  • You can instantly message your family, friends, and co-workers. Yahoo! a Messenger is one of the best instant messaging services. You can add your contacts, chat, voice, or video conversation with them in real-time and share media files.
  • Yahoo! is always ready to provide you with answers. With Yahoo! Answers, you can get answers to any question you might have. You can even rate the best solutions and vote down those that are not so helpful.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, Yahoo! is more than just an ordinary online email provider. It is one of the best internet portals with a search engine and a World Wide Web directory. From news headlines to the weather report, to entertainment, to instant messaging and emailing, Yahoo! has it all. Yahoo! is that one web portal that keeps you up-to-date with everything that is going on in the world. 

The best thing about Yahoo! is that you can set it as a home page on almost any web browser. When you use Yahoo! regularly, it is ideal that you set it set as your home page on your web browsers. But it’s also convenient, and enable you to readily access Yahoo! services every time you start your web browser. To set Yahoo! as your home page, simply follow the different steps outlined above.

Yahoo! is a web service provider. It was once just a web directory designed to aid internet users to find relevant sites. Now Yahoo! is more than just a mere email platform and search engine. It offers several services ranging from Yahoo! search engine, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! News, advertising, online mapping, social media, etc. 

Yahoo! history

The term ‘yahoo’ is an acronym for ‘Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle’ or ‘Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle. Yahoo! is one of the pioneers of the early internet era, enabling users to surf through the internet. It was once a popular online search engine and directory on the World Wide Web and one of the most widely read news and media sites. However, it declined in prominence in late 2000. Still, despite that, its domain website remains one of the most popular web portals. Nowadays, people use Yahoo! has its web browser homepage and also use its free email services with unlimited email storage.

Yahoo! services

Yahoo! is a web portal that offers the latest entertainment, news, and sports information. It is one of a kind web portal that has a lot of great features and a wide selection of excellent services. It caters to everyone’s needs. The portal offers access to a range of Yahoo services like Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Maps, and Yahoo! Groups. Here is a list of services it provides;


Yahoo! provides internet communication from services like Yahoo! Mail, and Messenger. It used to provide social networking services and user-generated products like Yahoo Buzz, Yahoo Personals, and My Web.

Mobile services

Yahoo! mobile provides many mobile services for instant messaging, email, and mobile blogging. In addition to that, it also offers searches, alerts, information services as well as camera phone services like entertainment and ring tones. OneSearch is the Yahoo internet search system. It provides business listings, news headlines, local weather reports, other site links, and Flickr images. Also, it lists regional movie theatres that will be streaming a particular movie, with movie news headlines and review ratings.


Yahoo! has content products like Yahoo! Music, Movies, Games, Sports, News, and Answers. These content providers’ sites provide the user with much-needed entertainment, news, and related content. Moreover, with My Yahoo, you can personalize your Yahoo account by combining your favourite Yahoo features, information, and content feeds all onto a single page. 


Yahoo! also provides a range of shopping services like Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Real Estate, Yahoo Travel, and Yahoo Autos. These sites enable users to gather and access any relevant information they may require. Moreover, Yahoo! users with accounts can purchase things online and make commercial transactions on these platforms. 

Co-branded Internet services

Yahoo! is in partnership with broadband service providers. As such, it provides its users with a wide range of free and premium Yahoo services and content to subscribers who are willing to pay.


Yahoo web portal has Yahoo Gemini, which offers advertising services like local advertising, sponsored search, and product/travel/directory submit. This enables different businesses to advertise their services and products on the Yahoo network. Yahoo! also has a Yahoo Publisher Network,. And that is one of the best advertising tools that enables online publishers to monetize their websites. Thus, online publishers can now make money when advertising on their sites.

Furthermore, you can explore from Yahoo Panama. 

 Advertisers can put ads on search results pages by bidding for search terms in yahoo platform. Through Panama, Yahoo! It provides its users with a better overall experience and relevant search result, which in turn increases monetization.