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In-depth Review and Top 3 Garageband Alternatives for Windows

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Rythm is a free music bot plugin. It enables you to play music from multiple sources like YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Twitch on discord voice and chat channels server. 

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Rhythm is a music bot made explicitly for music, and it is one of the best music bots that you can use to spice up your discord server. Rythm music bot is a music bot that endeavours to suit your music needs by providing you with the best high-quality music.

Furthermore, it’s one of the best music bots that currently has way over 5.2 million discord servers worldwide. In this post, I will take you to some of the benefits offered by rythm music bot.

 Also, you are going to see a guide on how to add rhythm music to a discord server. You can look at some of the great alternatives, that you can try out in place of rythm music bot.

All about a discord server

Discord is a server that collects essential information, delivers notifications, schedules events, and moderates conversations online. Discord servers initially designed for gamers, but now they can also be for online text and voice conversations. It is the most popular communication apps for gamers.

 Music recently added to the server. With rythm on discord servers, players can now chat, play, and enjoy music at the same time. 

Discord now has endless possibilities for personalization and customization. It is now way better. This music bot provides discord server platform users with much-needed entertainment. Creating a Discord music bot is a long, difficult process. However, you don’t have to create a discord music bot. There are several public discord music bots that you can choose and add to your discord server.

Benefits of rythm music bot on your discord server

  • Spice up your discord server by enabling you to add and stream some music.
  • Enables you to create the best playlist as it gives you access from great multiple sources like Twitch, Vimeo, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Mixer. Plus, you can play music directly from YouTube, queuing songs, or just importing a YouTube playlist.
  • It provides you with music 24/7 as rythm music bot adds music to the queue when it gets empty.
  • It provides high performance and high-quality music as it is optimized to remain lag-free.
  • It has the best music functionalities that provide you with the best ultimate music experience on your discord server.
  • Not only does this bot provide music, but it also provides users with lyrics. With the lyric feature, you can quickly look up lyrics to the current song playing or any other song. It gives you the ability to sing along to your favorite jam with the aid of lyrics.
  • You can easily customize the server to your liking. With rythm music bot, you can customize the server prefix from standard to any character you like.
  • Rhythm music bot maximizes listening among different user groups by connecting to multiple servers.
  • It is a stable, reliable music bot that is regularly updated to ensure that it provides high-quality music.
  • It sets the maximum queue length and prevents duplicate songs from being queued by restricting the music bot’s usage to the DJ role.
  • You don’t have to use the discord commands to request, play, pause, or skip songs. The music bot gives you the ability to control the web dashboard instead.

How can i get Garageband on windows

Adding rhythm music bot to a discord server is pretty straightforward. Adding it is just a matter of linking the discord server with the rhythm music bot and giving the appropriate instructions. To add rythm music bot, you need to have the Manage Server permission turned on for your account. Thus, you either have to be the actual server administrator or to be one of the servers’ most trusted users. When the Manage Server permission has turned on for your account, follow these steps below;

  1. Log in to the server, where you have approval.
  2. Go to the rythm music bot website that is 
  3. On the website homepage, click on the option that says ‘Add to Discord.’
  4. You will get redirected to a page with several options. Choose the ‘Authorize’ option for your discord server.
  5. Fill in the captcha correctly to finalize the authorization and to show that you are not a robot.
  6. After that, your rhythm music bot will successfully add to your discord server and ready to use.

Alternatively, you can add rythm to your discord server by simply clicking on this link Choose the discord server and click on the authorize button option. Simple as that, your rhythm music will get added to your discord server.

NB* The necessary steps listed above apply to any music bot you may want to add to your discord server. Moreover, to add rythm bot to the discord server, always make sure you get logged in to the correct account.

How to use 

For a great music experience, rhythm has every command you require. Some of the basic commands for rythm music bot are ‘play,’ ‘disconnect,’ ‘skip,’ ‘resume,’ and ‘lyrics.’ All you can do is go to the voice channel, type play, and song’s name. Just like that, it will start playing the song that you would have selected. To skip, you type ‘skip,’ and it will move on to the next song. Yes! Using rhythm music bot on the discord server is that easy.

Rythm music bot alternatives

Several music bots are compatible with discord available on the web that will make great alternatives to rythm music bot.


Fredboat is one of the best powerful music bots and a great alternative to rythm music bot. It supports several various websites plus plays music directly from YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, etc. The best thing about this music bot is that it supports playlist. Thus, you can create a playlist that means you don’t have to set a new song whenever the current song ends.

It has one of the best search functionality that you can use. You can search the names of the song you want to play instead of adding links from multiple music sources.


ErisBot is also another excellent music bot which brings high configurable commands. It is a kind music bot that allows you to make and use your very own custom prefix for commands. Moreover, it is a capable music bot that is easy to use.

3)Tony Bamanaboni XD

One of the best music bots that does everything you would expect from a music bot. It goes over and above to provide you with the best music experience. It has access to plus supports music from multiple accessible sources like YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud, etc. What differentiates and makes Tony Bamanaboni XD a great alternative is its audio filters feature. It can use audio filters like bass boost, pitch, and speed to change the music output.

24/7Another great alternative to rythm music is 24/7, a music bot by Deluxe. 24/7 music bot supports music playback from multiple music sources. It can even play any live music show that you can stream from YouTube. In addition to that, it supports any music streaming from any radio station in the world.

To Wrap Up

Rythm music bot is ultimately one of the best music bots for a discord server. It supports multiple streaming music sources to provide you with the best music experience ever. And one of a kind, music bot that spices up your discord server by automatically queuing songs from your playlist so that you don’t run out of songs to play. The best thing about this music bot is while you are listening to favourite tracks, you can also search for lyrics.

Serenade your chat friends on discord server with your favourite music using this excellent music bot. A rhythm music bot is a must-have. It provides you with some of the best music entertainment. It is straightforward and easy to add rhythm music bot to your discord server. Follow the steps outlined above to get Rythm bot on discord to enhance your music experience on your discord server.