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Droid buddy 2 apk free download tips and review

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Android buddy is also popularly known as droid buddy. Droid buddy is an application that enables you to have multiple apps inside a single app. It functions as an all in one application that gives you access to numerous of your favourite apps.

It is a great multitasking app for Android devices. With it, you don’t have to move from one app to another, and you can do everything on this app.Droid buddy is one of the most highly popular apps for Android users.

Considerably, a handy app that you can use to stream music, movies, watch live TV, as a ROM emulator, etc. In this post, you can look at why this app stands as the best. I will also highlight some of the pros and cons of this app. Moreover, you can get an idea or steps to download and install this app on your Android device. 

Why droid buddy 2.0 apk stands as the best Android app

Here is why it stands as the best app;

● It is an all in one app that allows you to have your multiple favourite apps all on a single app. You no longer have to download many apps for movies, games, music simply because you can use a droid buddy app to download all of your favourite content.

● Ease of access, you can easily access all of your favourite applications from a single app. All the apps, live streams, movies, games, music are well-organized on this app. It’s a handy app with a search feature that saves you time by making it easy for you to find the app that you are looking for.

● It offers loads of entertainment, ranging from music, movies, and videos. You can even play games and read books. It caters for everyone.

● Besides downloading apps and games, you can use this app to stream and download movies, music, and videos. It offers a comprehensive collection of movies, TV shows, and series. Depending on your liking, you can stream or download onto your device free of charge.

● When you use this app, it saves you a lot of storage space in your device. For such a single app with multiple apps, it won’t take much of your storage space as the app is only 47.20 MB.

● Unlike other apps and websites, this app offers you emulators and ROM games. Ideal for those who like to play retro games.

● It is compatible with most Android devices; you can install it on your smartphones, tablet, or even Amazon TV Firestick.


● It’s one of the best multitasking all in one app

.● It is free to use

.● Offers multiple options for downloading apps and files.

● Apps are categorized, which makes it easy for you to find your favourite app.

● It has a variety of apps and games readily available for streaming or downloading.

● It only offers top-rated, and official trusted apps. All the apps are filtered first by droid buddy officials.

● You can even customize settings according to the device’s feasibility

.● It’s simple, interactive, user-friendly interface.


● It has a smaller library.

● Some apps require root permission first, which can be time-consuming.

All about droid buddy 2 apk free download

Droid Buddy APK is an Android package that you can install on any of your Android devices to have the droid buddy app. The Droid buddy app is a third party app. To download and install the app on your mobile device, you first have to download the APK file.

There are so many droid buddy APK versions available online. You can search for the APK file online or go to the official droid buddy website. Since it a third-party app to install the APK, you first have to enable the ‘allow unknown source option’ in your settings.

Basic requirements for installing the APK

●      Firstly your device must be an Android, be it a smartphone, tablet, or TV.

●      Your Android device OS must be 4.1 version or above.

●      Your Android device RAM capacity should be more than 1GB.

●      You also require a reliable, stable internet to download and use apps.

Steps to download and install droid buddy APK on your Android mobile device

Downloading and installing a droid buddy app on your mobile device is fast and easy. Follow these steps to download and install droid buddy onto your Android mobile device;

  1. Open your web browser and go to to download the droid buddy APK.
  2. When you complete downloading, to install the APK, first open your device settings.
  3. To enable the APK installation onto your phone. Select the ‘security’ option and choose the ‘allow unknown sources ‘option.’
  4. Locate APK file you downloaded from the file manager.
  5. Tap on the APK file to open it. You will get redirected to the new page highlighting all the necessary apps permission.
  6. After going through the list of permissions, tap on the ‘accept’ option to start the installation.
  7. After a few seconds, the droid buddy 2 apk download app will get successfully installed on your Android phone and ready to use.

How to download and install Amazon TV Firestick

  1. On your Amazon home screen, click on the ‘settings’ option.
  2. Click on the ‘device’ option and select the ‘developer’ option.
  3. Turn on the ‘apps from unknown sources’ to enable the droid buddy app to install on Amazon TV.
  4. To download and install a buddy app, use the downloader app.
  5. To get the downloader app, type in the downloader app on the search bar and click search.
  6. Afterwards, download and install the app
  7. When the downloader app has downloaded, go to your Amazon home screen and click on the ‘Apps’ option. Click on ‘categories’ and select ‘utility,’ then click on the downloader app option.
  8. Open the downloader app, then click on the browser.
  9. On your browser URL section, enter .
  10. You will get redirected to another page, click on the droid buddy 2 download link to download the app.
  11. When it has finished downloading, install it. 
  12. After a few seconds, the app will get successfully installed on your Amazon TV and ready to use.

Is droid buddy legal and safe to use?

The Droid buddy 2 apk download app is legal. However, not all droid buddy APK  free download files are safe to use. The android operating system gives its users a vast amount of control; that is a good thing but a bit risky too. For instance, to download apps on Android, you can either use Google Play or download an APK file. Google Play is the safest way to download apps on Android. 

Unfortunately, the droid buddy app is not available on Google Play. To get a droid buddy app, you have to download the APK file first. APK file packages are more likely to contain potentially harmful viruses and malicious malware. Therefore, it is significant that when you download your droid buddy APK file, you scan it first before installing it.

How to scan droid buddy APK file

You quickly scan and check the hash of your droid buddy APK file for viruses and malware using NViso ApkScan or Hash droid. 

1)NViso ApkScan

The NViso ApkScan site lets you upload your APK file to check for any viruses, malware, or any other potentially harmful threat. This scan will quickly notify you if the APK file you downloaded is safe or not. It will merely provide you with a detailed report on you the droid buddy 2 0 download package. Here is how to scan with NViso ApkScan;

a)     Open the NViso ApkScan website.

b)     Drag and drop APK file on the space provided on the site.

c)     Click on the ‘scan package’ to get your APK scan results.

2)Hash Droid

Hash droid app enables you to check if you are downloading the right safe APK file. To do that, you have to check the SHA of the APK file. The SHA is more like a digital fingerprint. Therefore, to determine if the APK file is safe, you have compared the SHA of APK file you have with the SHA publicly mentioned by developers. If it’s a match, then the APK IS 100% safe. Here is how to check the hash on your mobile device;

a)     First, install the Hash Droid from Google Play.

b)     On the Hash Droid homepage, select the option ‘hash a file.’

c)     Tap on ‘select a hash’ and choose the ‘SHA-256’ option.

d)     Select the droid buddy APK file you want to check.

e)     Tap on ‘calculate’ to get the APK hash data.


In conclusion, a droid buddy is a must-have all in one app. This multitasking app makes it easier for you to conveniently access all of your multiple favorite apps from just a single app. The Droid buddy app is ultimately the best app for Android devices. If you use Android, I recommend that you get this app for your Android device. 

The excellent aspect is that this app is free of charge, but it offers your loads of entertainment. You can easily access music, movies, games, etc. Droid buddy is that one app that caters to your every need, basically the only app you will ever need for your Android device. To droid buddy 2 0 apk and install it on your Android device, simply follow the steps outlined above. However, for the safety of your device, it is recommended that you scan the APK package before installing the app.