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6 Best pokemon fan games

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Do you like games and a big fan of Pokemon, then this article is for you. If you want to know which is the Best pokemon fan games or will you be able to play them in your Android or PC and so on.

For years Pokemon games kept captive their fans by catching, raising and fighting many creatures. Still, now there are many pokemon fan-made games there, which are full of adventures, features and characters. most of the fan-made games are not so good, But few of the pokemon games become fan favourites

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Here We will give the list for the best Pokemon fan-made games that you can play now. And these games are not in the correct order so you can choose the game you like best.

how to play pokemon one PC With Emulator:

You need to install an emulator to play those Pokemon fan games, as originally old games like Pokemon were made for the PS2 or Game Boy Advance. By the way, Those emulators are just programs that help your PC to work like an old gaming device. Most of the mentioned pokemon games need good GBA emulator. Luckily, those emulators are easy to find for PC and mobile devices. So you can play any game whenever you want. After installing the Emulator, you can play a game using the ROM of that game.

Without Emulator 

Note: Many fans have started creating games with lot more freedom on the PC game engine RPG maker, instead of hacking a ROM. So it’s easy for the developers to make the game without design limitations. For instance, Insurgence was created on RPG maker XP and it can runs on PC without GBA emulator. 

6 Best pokemon fan games are

You can try them in any order you want. as all of them are fan-favourites or likeable.

01. Pokémon Insurgence

This unique game doesn’t need Emulator as fans made this pokemon game using RPG maker.—this the game comes with a dark and gritty storyline of worshipping cult and looking for pretty world domination.

Unlike the official pokemon game, this one offers three difficulty mode to its players. You also can choose extra features like mega evolutions, option to take varieties of challenge modes and secret base customization.  

02 Pokémon Uranium

It’s is one of the few games which got official  DMCA takedown letter from the Nintendo lawyers. But fan already downloaded 1.5 million times before takedown took place. And after takedown fan uploaded the game in different websites.

 so download this game with cautiously as none of them is the official site 

03 Pokémon Phoenix Rising

Pokémon Phoenix Rising is the right choice for the hardcore gamers which is Based on Pokémon FireRed, all the way it is a game for the game-lovers that want a challenge.

With other attractive features right there available for you, you also get the option. To gain extra XP and a detailed storyline to keep you going continuously.

04 Pokémon Reborn

Pokémon Reborn is a new game With 18 trainer fights, that is designed for PC play. Pokémon Reborn offers many exciting contents; it takes after the model of Pokémon

Emerald, While the traditional Pokémon games are deep enough, The storyline is more adult,

and it’s dark. Here you get to help your city and bring an immoral organisation to justice, and you also get to recruit some trainer allies and play together. you will find there some new mechanics,

 like Field Effects, which allows you to change the battlefield type to your advantage. 

 05 Pokémon Rejuvenation

Reborn and Rejuvenation share exciting features, including a rich, dark storyline, epic locations, and a convincing battle system. Rejuvenation also has 18 typed gyms and eight elite battles, which gives plenty of time to work on your winning strategy. If you loved Reborn and are looking for more adventures and battles of the same kind of game,

you can start Pokémon Rejuvenation. The same team makes it, Rejuvenation has even SURPRISING more content, and features than Reborn and a fullY FLEDGED run through the game can take more than 70 hours to complete.

 06 Pokémon Clockwork

If you want to enhance your skills and experiences, Pokémon Clockwork is a good choice. Any die-hard fan of Pokemon who are looking for particular and distinguishable characteristics then he or she won’t find in other official Pokémon games. This game Pokemon Clockwork have a day/night cycle, adventures and quests that can help upgrade your Pokémon’s level. 

 With different dynamic Pokémon evolutions, fantastic time-travel, and adventurous storyline, this game is something new in the town. Try this, if you want one of the best storylines in the history of fan-made Pokémon games.

Is it possible to play Pokémon fan games on Android?

The answer depends on which fan-made-pokemon game you are going to play. You can play some of the games on your android device. Most of the games were made for PC players and those you cant access using Android. But There are many GBA emulators available for Android so you can download the Emulator and find a ROM hack of you the choice to start playing Pokemon.

best Pokémon ROM hacks: 

which one is best Pokemon Rom?  answer to this question depends. As some Rom hacks will allow you to add extra Pokemon and some other will completely remake the game.

some thoughts before the finish

many like to battle part or enjoy to challenge other trainers . some others are impressed with different pokemon features and want to collect them. and some others like to collect and combat altogether