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7 Best Emoji Apps For Android (Free)

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Emojis are icons or small digital images used to express an idea or emotion in textual communication. It is now a messaging trend that is used on mobile devices and computers online. Emojis are a complementary form of communication, not a replacement of language. They have always considered a teen texting culture, but it is now a means of communication for all ages.

Emojis have evolved from just having primary faces, hearts, food, to different looks, with some skin colour options, various food Options, hearts, etc. 

Even though all smartphones have a set of in-built emojis, and you can still download emoji apps for more emojis for your android device. In this article, I will detail how emojis came about and how they are useful.

Here you will see some of the best emoji apps for Android and the benefits of having an emoji app and 

What is the best free Emoji app for Android?

1) GBoard Emoji App

GBoard is also commonly known as Google Keyboard. It has developed by Google, one of the topmost trusted brands. As a result, it one best emoji app for android devices. It has many great features and options. It has easy to use the app with an interactive, user-friendly interface.

The significant aspect of this app is that it fully equipped with all the emojis from the latest Android version. The application also allows you to easily access all official and recent emojis specifically designed for Android smartphones.


Afromoji is one of the best, one of a kind emoji app for Android. This app is friendly toward racial diversity. While other apps have white or neutral yellow emoji options, this one offers some the best emojis for Android that are diverse and likeable. The best thing about this emoji app is that you can easily create your custom emoji if you don’t find the emoji you want.

It has several exceptional options; thus, you can utilize those features to design an infinite number of emojis for yourself. Moreover, you can easily share your emojis on various social media platforms available on your Android device.


ASCII Faces is an emoji app with cool text-based emojis. This app gives you access to a wide range of great cool emojis. It is an emoji app designed to send and share text-based emojis with your friends and family on various social media platforms. ASCII Faces creates emojis using ASCII codes for different characters available on Android devices.

This app is easy to use. To send the cool emojis, you just copy and paste the emoji anywhere you want to utilize it. It is quite a useful emoji app. You even use its emojis on platforms where standard icon emojis cannot use.


Snapchat creators developed Bitmoji. One of the best stand-alone emoji app with great advanced options and features. It is a popular personal emoji app that you can use to create your unique emojis. Furthermore, you can easily access any stickers you want as it has a vast sticker library. You can even use the library along with the personalized avatar.

You can use it along with Snapchat and use this app to create custom emojis as well. And share them in social media platforms using an android phone.

5)Facemoji emoji keyboard

The facemoji emoji keyboard is a highly customizable free emoji app. It offers users a wide range of emojis to choose from, which are way over 3600. The best thing about it is that an all in one emoji keyboard app. Not only can you send emojis, but you can also send GIFs and stickers to your friends and family.

It has such great feature such as face filters, stickers, AR emoji, and a keyboard that enhance and make textual communication more fun. You can also add themes and custom backgrounds for your keyboard. Moreover, the keyboard works well for in-game conversations for games like Clash of Clans, Free Fire, Bang Bang, etc. This emoji app is compatible with a wide range of devices. It works on Android devices running at least 4.0.3 or higher versions.

6)Go keyboard

Go keyboard is one of the best most advanced keyboard app and one of the best emoji apps for Android. This app transforms your typing experience with way over 3000 emojis. It even gives you the ability to send stickers over WhatsApp and add themes to your keyboard. It has multiple features like emojis, GIFs, stickers, keyboard themes, etc. Moreover, the library is regularly updated, which means new emojis are always readily available.

Go keyboard is a free handy app. If you don’t find the emoji you want, you can use the search function to find it quickly. It is an excellent keyboard, and it offers unique options and features like themes, multi-language support, voice typing, etc. Also, you can even download themes from additional sources if you want.

7)Elite emoji

Elite emoji is a sticker app specifically designed to send custom emojis as stickers using WhatsApp. Elite emoji is that one emoji that adds a little more personality to your messages. It is the best Android phone app that gives you access to way over 2000 high definition stickers and emojis. It is easy to use, and you can use this app to add emojis as stickers on WhatsApp using the sticker packs.

In addition to a variety of stickers, emojis it also offers a range of GIFs that you can use in your messaging. You can easily share the stickers, GIFs, and emojis with your friends and family on social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Uses of Emojis 

Emojis are a handy means of communication. Here are some of the uses of emojis;

  • Emojis are used to express emotions and any other visual cues through text. They considered being emotional or humorous additions to textual communication.
  • Emojis are used to fill in the gap by making the intentions of the sender clearer. For example, a smiling emoji at the end of your response to show the receiver that you are happy. It provides light-heartedness to your message.
  • There are also used to add fun to a text, for instance, adding a birthday cake and some balloons or a party hat to a birthday message. 
  • Sometimes emojis are used as a primary communication method. For example, you can use a thumbs-up emoji for acknowledgement instead of typing it out. 

Benefits of using emoji apps

There are plenty of benefits derived from using emoji apps.

  • Emojis apps enable you to use emojis to communicate effortlessly and quickly across language barriers.
  • Using emoji apps provides a way for people to enhance and enrich their communication with non-verbal cues.
  • Using emoji apps makes textual communication more fun, creative, and enjoyable. Emojis add a dash of colour and liven up the conversation.
  • Furthermore, Emojis apps aid you to personalize your messages with emojis. Using emojis from an emoji app aid one to emphasize more clearly how you are feeling, and the receiver will feel what you are trying to portray through emojis.
  • Emoji apps help you to express your feelings and emotions using emojis genuinely. Emojis bring out the emotional cues, better than words alone. When words fail us, emojis come in handy to us communicate. 
  • Emoji apps help you to say all you want to say using emojis. There doesn’t take much time or space. It is ideal for social sites like Twitter, which only allow 140 characters. With emojis, you can say all you want to say under 140 characters. Due to the pressures of life and time constraints, people tend to ignore significant texts, but using emojis gets your message across faster.

Emojis history

Emojis originated in 1997 in Japan. There were only for mobile phones, but now there can be used on computer devices. ‘Emoji’ is a Japanese word. It is a combination of the words “e,” which means “picture” and “moji,” which means character. The use of emoji has increasingly become popular, which has led to the creation of emoji apps specifically meant for emojis. Oxford dictionaries in 2015 even chose emoji as its word of the year. Depending on the font and devices used, emojis once depicted differently. However, now a consistent number of emojis are readily accessible to everyone.


In conclusion, emoji apps are a must-have for Android users. There are so useful and offer a wide array of benefits to Android users. Emoji apps provide Android users with not only emojis but stickers and GIFs to communicate better. Emoji apps for Android help to transform your regular conversations with family and friends into exciting conversations with emojis, stickers, and GIFs.

Not only do emojis add a dash of colour to your conversation, but it also adds tone and clarity. Thus emoji apps are handy tools that enhance and enrich communication. It is a communication tool that makes interaction more entertaining for the sender and the receiver. I’m sure this article will aid you in finding the ultimate best emoji app for your Android device.