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10 Best Apps not on Play store in 2020

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Google play store is a massive platform for all kinds of apps. There are so many android apps in the google play store,  but you may know little about some of the best apps not on play store.  It may be because those are banned, or developers of those apps don’t want their apps in the google app store for conflict of interest. Whatever the reason,  when you will read or know more about the cool features of those apps, you will miss those good apps in the google app store.

best apps not on play store or google playstore article

10 Best Apps not on Play store

  • Adway
  • Xtune
  • K-9mail
  • Mixplorer
  • Amazon app store
  • Mondro
  • Tachiyomi
  • Fire tube
  • Aurora Store

here you will know, about few best apps you won’t find in the google play store in details


As the name suggests, this removes the unwanted ad way, Which makes your app experience fun and easy. Not only that, but you can also save some bandwidth too.
Whenever we download an app for free, Most likely, you will see lots of ads popping all along. It becomes more annoying when you click those ads unintentionally, and those ads are placed in such a way it happens to many of us a lot, which is annoying, time-consuming, and losing bandwidth.
This app is so good it will remove all the ads from every app in your android device.

Note that, if you block ad,s then some of the apps will not work correctly. For instance, Xtune has this type of problem. It won’t work at all when you block your app at all. But luckily, almost all apps will not stop if you block the ad by using the Adaway app. So you are safe in most cases.
But, make sure you update the app regularly. You can get help with the auto-update feature of this Adaway app. It will stop new ad networks from popping up on your phone.

download AdAway


This app helps users to download music and audio on the go. Not just that, the user can store the song on their storage. You can choose not only old songs but also new songs on this app. You can organize songs with ease. As the downloaded song is tagged by artist year album cover photo and so on . to make your music organize easily.
generally, high-quality songs, 32kbps, are available here. So you will get a good experience listening to those songs.
Xtunes is one of the Best Apps not on the Play store.

Visit XDA Thread here

K-9 mail

Jesse Vincent using java to create this application for android. This source code of K-9 mail has been available in the git repository since 2008. It’s an open-source app which is a very advanced email client for android. It is Free/Open Source Android Software under the Apache License version 2.0. It can work with IMAP or Pop3, and it also has features like folder sync and WebDAV support. Your email will be safer because of encryption. You can add a signature too.

Popcorn time

Their app name is such that, you will be reminded of the movie time with yourself or with family or friends. This app allows users to download their tv-series and movies in a single click of a button using torrent.
You are there for the treat as This app made watching movies so easy. You don’t have to go to the torrent sites and search for your favorite movies or tv shows and download them.

Several other movie downloading apps like Showbox and others are not as easy and bug-free as this popcorn time app. You can watch the trailer before clicking the magnet button to download using torrent. You can also know the quality, and whether subtitles are there.
Visit popcorn to know more.


MiXplorer is a file manager that is beautifully design and easy to use. This app design is similar to a solid explorer. This app is a combination of Esflieexploere and Solidexplorer.
It can connect different cloud storage services like google drive, media fire, and so on.
And not only that you can Control remote storage too. This app also offers Archive manager, ebook reader, file encryption, media player, and other features.
You can visit below weblink and know more about the MiXplorer.

Amazon App Store

This app store has been available since 2011 in most of the countries like google and apple store. They also charge the same amount, 30%, like others for the app/in-app purchases in the store.
Promote an app, Amazon App store features an app for a day. It allows end-users to download that featured app free of charge for a day. By the way, the Angry bird was the first featured app promoted by the app store.
Amazon Kindle devices use the amazon app store only. So whoever uses kindle and other amazon devices are not allowed to access google play stores or apple stores. you can check out here


You can watch live Tv from your smartphone using this app. As I said it can stream more than 200 channels. The best part is it’s totally free of charge. Unlike Netflix or Amazon prime video, this app doesn’t charge any for each and every tv show. You can use paid and unpaid versions of Mobdro. The paid version allows you to enjoy the stream ad-free. Even though this app’s free version has ads, it’s not so much annoying.


TACHIYOMI is one of the best manga readers. Because of its clean UI and easy interface for the user with plenty of customization options. Not only that, you can bookmark easily, read in well optimize landscape. The Source of this manga is available in an excellent repository.
This app is still a working progress . and needs to add a feature like the auto-update library. So that users don’t have to update by themselves.
Unlike any other android reading app, the manga app doesn’t suck. Those are as good as other similar ios apps


This app helps to play youtube video without a video so that you can enjoy music using less mobile data and the cell battery. That why it’s one of the best apps for music lovers. Its most unlikely, Google would never like this app to be in their google play store.


Aurora Store

Aurora store allows users to download from the google play store without any google account. It’s an unofficial foss client to google play store. Its an independent app store and it uses the google play store API. They have a user-friendly, clean interface so many like to work on it. Moreover, aurora offers a lightweight and safe environment to download and update. By the way, you will also find the same features youtube Vanced. you can visit to know more about this store.