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Amazon courtesy credit: What is it? who is it for!

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During the checkout, on the Amazon website., you might see a discount that is written as courtesy credit. And You may wonder, where this credit balance came from. This is Amazon Courtesy Credit, which is given to the amazon clients as a response for complaint resolution or any sort of poor service by the company.

For instance, say you are an amazon prime member. you ordered a product that sold and shipped by Amazon but you did not get your product on time as promised next day delivery, You are most likely to have a Courtesy Credit Balance in your account.

Below you can see an example image of check out, where I marked the Amazon courtesy credit

Amazon courtesy credit - image of check out

Sometimes you will find an email from amazon about this courtesy credit. but sometime this credit will be added to the client’s account without no prior information to the clients

A sample courtesy credit Amazon Email is given below.


You were eligible to receive courtesy credit for your recent purchase. we’ve issued a $15 courtesy credit to your account. 

You can use this credit to buy an eligible item shipped and sold by and it will automatically apply the next time.

We value your business and hope to see you again soon.


Customer Service

How much you can get

There specific amount for credit balance but it varies from 1 to 50 dollars for each case. And it’s hard to say how this amount is measured by amazon. 

How to use : What can you buy with it

Generally you can only spend this courtesy credit when you are purchasing any product amazon. specifically,  products that sell and shipped by Amazon itself. On the other hand, You will not get credit for purchasing the product sold by a third party. 

How to check the balance

You can check your balance easily by visiting the link for the credit balance page. Then read instructions and click the button and check your credit balance. I don’t see  courtesy credit written in any balance then don’t have any  courtesy credit

expiration for courtesy-credit

Normally the courtesy credit has no expiration date or time limit. But it is better to use within one year or less at your earliest convenience. 

courtesy credit vs promo code vs gift card vs promotional balance

promo code

Promo Code or courtesy credit both helps you to get a discount from the original purchase or save money. But unlike courtesy credit, promo codes are not applied for any product on amazon.  Normally during the festive season like Black Friday, Christmas, independence day you may find coupons for offers from amazon. Beside festive season, promo codes are available in different products at different times of the year. This PROMO CODE  can be used one time in your check out to get a reduced price. you can get promo code using honey or Wikibuy in your chrome browser

gift card

Gift cards are different from this courtesy-credit. You can Buy Gift Cards at Participating Retail Stores. these Gift Cards ranging from $15 to  $100 and you can purchase from grocery, drug, and convenience stores without any purchase fees.

On the other hand, you can’t purchase courtesy credit by yourself from a store or online.

Amazon customers can purchase at a reduced price using courtesy credit and gift cards. but those are not interchangeable. You can use either or both in the same purchase easily.

Vs promotional balance

You already know courtesy credit can be used in any product sold or fulfilled by amazon.  Unlike courtesy credit, promotional balance is applicable to certain products that are part of ongoing promotion only.

Like promotional balance, courtesy credit makes your purchase easier by reducing the original cost of the purchase product.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

How to Get Amazon Courtesy Credit Balance

You already know courtesy credit is not for all customers. You can’t purchase this amazon credit from shops like amazon gift cards.  it is available most likely to those who did not get the promised service from amazon. How Much and whom to give the Courtesy credit is controlled by itself.

say, you ordered a product and chose your product to be gift wrapped. But Amazon shipped your products without gift wrapping. Then You are also eligible to have a Courtesy Credit in your account.